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A blink of an eye and many families were devastated, pandemonium followed the death of 18 people; The inside story of the Unnao bus accident

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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People extricating dead bodies after the Lucknow-Agra Express accident

Three families traveling in a double-decker bus from Sitamarhi to Delhi perished on Tuesday-Wednesday night. Two families have been completely destroyed. One of these families belongs to Lal Babu Das, a resident of Hiraga in Shivhar district of Bihar. Another family is Mohammad resident of Shivoli in Mulhari district. Shafiq’s family. Four people from both the families have died in this accident. Similarly, Shabana and her daughter Nagma living in Delhi have also died. The accident took place on Tuesday-Wednesday around 4.30 am.

The accident took place in Behta Mujawar police station area of ​​Unnao, about 247 km from Agra. A part of the double decker bus has been completely destroyed in this accident. People have died sleeping on this side. According to CO Bangarmau, 18 people have died in this accident so far. Out of which 14 people have been identified. 11 of them belong to three families.

The family was returning after the holidays

Their children also study here. These people had gone to the village during the summer holidays and were returning to Delhi in this double decker bus after the holidays were over. Lal Babu Das, his son Ram Pravesh, Bharat Bhushan and Babu Das died in the accident. Similarly, the entire family of Chandni, who lives in Shivoli, Mulhari, Bihar, was killed in this accident. Along with Chandni, her husband Shafiq, son Taufiq and daughter-in-law Munni were also traveling in this bus. All of them have died. The third family belongs to Shabana, who lives in Bhajanpura, Delhi. In this accident, along with Shabana, her daughter Nagma also died on the spot.

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This is how the accident happened

According to the police, the accident took place during overtaking. Actually the milk tanker was going towards Agra at moderate speed. Meanwhile a double decker bus came at high speed from behind. The police claim that two circumstances may have arisen at that time. One thing is that the driver of the double decker bus must have fallen asleep and hit the container. Another situation could be that the driver of the double decker bus tried to overtake the container and at the same time the driver of the container also swerved the vehicle in the same direction.

The bus was destroyed from the left side.

In this accident, the left side of the bus collided with the container. Since the speed of container is less and that of bus is more. In such a situation, the bus collided with the body of the container and penetrated more than half of it. Due to which the left side of the bus was badly damaged. The accident not only killed all the people traveling on the left side of the bus but the passengers sleeping on the right side were also affected. Most of the people have died in this too. According to the police, it was a coincidence that the collision happened on the left side. Had the same collision taken place on the right side, the death toll could have been even higher.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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