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A big jolt, three emergency breaks and then…eyewitnesses tell the full story of the Kanchenjunga Express accident.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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A picture of a train accident.

Eyewitnesses of the Kanchenjunga Express train accident in New Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, told what happened at the time of the incident. He narrated the entire scene of the tragic accident. Passenger Sukant Majumdar said that everything was running normally in the train. They were given breakfast in the morning. The train then departed from New Jalpaiguri station. The speed of the train was not very high at that time. The Sealdah-bound Kanchenjunga Express was running on its track when suddenly the train was jolted. The driver immediately applied three emergency brakes in quick succession.

The train shuddered three times and then stopped with a jolt. Meanwhile, screams were heard from inside the train. It was not understood why all this happened suddenly. Sukant said that he was also injured in the accident and tried to get out in a hurry with other passengers. But it was so crowded that passengers could not get out. Many people fainted inside the train. He was also injured. Somehow the rescue team helped and pulled him out.

Then he saw the scene outside. Seeing him, they also lost their senses. Three coaches of the train derailed. A bogie was hanging in the air. Then he came to know that a freight train had hit his train.

Boogie pinch

Shrutiraj Roy was also traveling in this train. His house is in Siliguri. He was going to Malda for work. He said, ‘We were in the S3 compartment. We were going to Malda for work. Suddenly the train braked hard three times and the train shook violently. Then the train stopped with a loud noise. When I came out I saw that the train had overturned. One bogie was completely flattened. One end of a bogie was on the track and the other in the air. Screams were everywhere. Blood was also scattered near the tracks. The rescue team rushed the injured to the hospital. We are thankful to God that we survived.

8 killed, 25 injured

Kanchenjunga Express was hit hard by a speeding goods train at 8.45 am today. The accident was so serious that three bogies of the express train were badly damaged. In which eight people died. While 25 people have been injured. Rescue work is still going on. Preliminary investigation revealed that the accident was due to a signal problem. The goods train collided with the Kanchenjunga Express without signaling. According to railway sources, the goods train collided with the Kanchenjunga Express due to a fault in the signaling system. Currently, the investigation teams are doing their work.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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