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8 months of hard training, not 1-2 but 46 kills, this is how this terrifying character of Kill was created.

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Lakshya Lalwani told many things about the film

When ‘Animal’ released last year, it was well received. Some people also criticized the film. There was a lot of bloodshed in the film. But now after seeing the movie ‘Kill’ released on July 5, people are saying that there was nothing in ‘Animal’. The real violence is in this film. In this film Lakshya Lalwani killed not only one or two but many people. Now he talked about his training and said that he worked hard for 8 months.

Talking about his character, Lakshya said, “We went to the NSG camp in Manesar. We went there and studied a lot about it. How a commando walks, talks. I mean, these people are beasts, the way they think. It is like this to your enemies, which was neither heard nor seen. I saw him in movies, but in real life he is a real hero. I tried so hard to get to where he is, training started and continued for eight months, we worked day and night. There was no cheat day.”

Kill the movie

More than 46 murders

Also, talking about the action scenes shot, he said, “We were just preparing and learning the fight and choreography. Mr. Se-Yong Oh was the action choreographer. He made things very easy for us. There are over 46 murders in the film, so you can imagine how much effort must have gone into it. Every murder is different. Each kill is unique.

Kill movie

A gang of over 40 people

He continued, “These guys have gangs of more than 40 people and all 40 people are killed in different ways, each time with a new weapon, our prosthetics lady Zubi Johal explained in great detail. . “

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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