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6 years and 29 episodes, a lot has changed in ‘Mirzapur’, but the values ​​of this one character remain intact.

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Rajesh Tailang is the real hero of Mirzapur 3

3 seasons of Mirzapur web series have come in 6 years. During this period, many characters entered the show. Many have left and many new ones have arrived. Many characters’ roles were eliminated in the series, while there are some characters who appeared in all three seasons. One of these characters is Guddu Bhaiya’s father Ramakant Pandit. This character in itself is no less than an example to the world. This is a messiah who has come out with a spice who neither fears the throne of Mirzapur nor any goon. Ramakanth is a lawyer by profession and the role of this lawyer is played by actor Rajesh Tailang. This is a character in the series who neither swears nor kills. One who follows his principles and who loves honestly.

There was no budge in the city of fraud

One common thing you will find in all the characters portrayed in the Mirzapur series is that most of them are not believable and have changed with time and occasion. No idea who will change when. Neither Golu nor Guddu Pandit nor Bina Tripathi were the same. Everything changed. Neither Lala was reliable, nor Sharad, nor Munna Bhaiya. Ramakant Pandit’s two sons Guddu and Bablu also came under the influence of Gaddi and followed the wrong path. But even after seeing and enduring so much in these 6 years, Vakil Ramakant’s character did not budge from his demands. This character showed that our real weapons are not guns or abusive language. Rather we have to walk the path of truth and speak the truth. Ramakant Pandit’s character moves with this philosophy and influences every season.

Messiah of the third season

Rajesh Tailang gave a fantastic performance in the first and second seasons as well. Her character was also further redeemed this season. In order to save his son, he surrendered himself because of the crime he had committed and in a fire of remorse, he took up residence behind bars. But even here his respect did not decrease but increased. His character is portrayed as a messiah in the series. Who helps everyone and keeps himself bright with his honesty.

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Why do people like Ramakant Pandit have to be disappointed?

One thing you will notice throughout the three seasons is that Ramakant Pandit is nowhere to be seen smiling. He is portrayed as very serious and less joking. In the series, he is always seen talking about values ​​and following high ideals. But if we look at his dialogues in the series, most of the time he appears in a depressed mood. Live a little rough. This is not the case only with Ramakant Pandit. In this illusory world of greed and greed, every human being who follows the path of righteousness is sure to be disappointed. It’s a disappointment on his part. He is unable to understand how he is wrong even though he is right. He is unable to understand why people act against his views, despite knowing that the outcome is never good. He does not understand that the path of truth is good according to the elders. So why do people hesitate to follow that path?

But amidst the carnage and carnage, this role of Rajesh Tailang is a ray of hope. His sadness just doesn’t go away. The significance of his sadness is directly related to human connection. Suppose if God comes, will he be happy to see today’s society? They will also be frustrated, angry, irritated. But God is not coming now. A messiah like Ramakant Pandit comes. Who spreads light in life with his soul and becomes the basis of hope of many.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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