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54 lacs taken from father, loan of 60 lacs from bank… software engineer trapped in bad lust for marriage, dream girl cheated him

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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A strange case of cyber fraud has come to light in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. Here a mimicry artist disguised as a girl was talking to a software engineer on the phone. Sent fake pictures. Offered for marriage. Then he very cleverly took Rs. 1.40 lakh was defrauded. Police have arrested the accused. Further action has been taken against him.

Nitin Jain, a resident of Bilaspur, is a software engineer by profession. He works in a multinational company in Pune. Here he was introduced to the brother of a person living in the neighborhood and Rohit. Neeti then asked Rohit to introduce him to a suitable girl for marriage. Nitin was divorced five years ago. He felt lonely.

He wanted her to remarry and settle down. So that their loneliness can be removed. Rohit thought why not take advantage of it. He is a mimicry artist by profession. So he made a plan to cheat Nitin.

Rohit used to download photos of girls from the internet. If the engineer liked the girl, the accused would change his voice and talk to her. He would then get them to transfer large sums of money to his account in separate installments. Meanwhile, Nitin likes a girl (a fictitious character) said by Rohit. Then Rohit lured Nitin into his love trap by pretending to be a girl.

Loans taken from banks and friends

Day and night and morning and evening he used to talk to Nitin pretending to be a girl. Then started extorting money from him. Nitin also fell so madly in love with the girl that he borrowed 54 lakh rupees from her father to give her away. A total loan of 60 lakhs was taken from the bank and friends. He spent all the money on the girl. But later he realizes that the person he was talking to does not exist.

The accused confessed to the crime

He came to his home in Bilaspur and told everything to his father. After this father and son together registered a case in Sarkanda police station. Based on the digital evidence, the police detained the accused Rohit Jain from Maihar in Madhya Pradesh and interrogated him. During interrogation, the accused has confessed his crime. The accused himself told how he cheated the victim by changing his voice. The police arrested the accused within 48 hours. Police have seized 2 Android phones, 2 keypad phones and 11 SIM cards from the accused.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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