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5 crore house on 50 crore land… Bulldozer will run on Atiq Ahmed’s daughter-in-law’s bungalow

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Zainab Fatima with Atiq’s wife Shaista (file photo)

A bulldozer may be used today at the house of Zainab Fatima, absconding wife of mafia Atiq Ahmed’s brother Ashraf. Preparations are being made by the administration to bulldoze the illegal construction of Zainab. This action is being taken in the matter of grabbing the assets of Waqf Board worth Rs 50 crore. According to the police, Ashraf built a palatial house worth Rs 5 crore on Waqf Board land for Zainab.

The case is from Sallapur in Prayagraj. This was Waqf Board land, on which Ashraf built a palatial house for Zainab Fatima. A PDA bulldozer may work on this property after 1 p.m. Three teams will reach Sallahpur under the leadership of PDA Zonal Officer. Force has been requested from police officers. Forces from several police stations will be deployed at the spot under the leadership of ACP.

Illegal construction on Wakf Board land

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The administration says Ashraf’s wife Zainab has taken over the waqf property worth over Rs 50 crore and built houses on it. It has been ordered to be demolished. The force is ready. Action will be taken by PDA. This illegal construction has been done on Waqf Board land in Sallapur of Purmufti Police Station area. During the bulldozer operation two ACPs, Purmufti, Dhumanganj and airport police station forces will be present at the spot under the leadership of ACP Dhumanganj Varun Kumar.

The price of this house is 5 crore rupees

The palatial house in Nab Fatima that will be bulldozed is said to cost Rs 5 crore. This house is built on seven bigha land. Ashraf’s wife Zainab, his brother Zaid and Saddam are in possession of the land worth Rs 50 crore. A case was registered in November 2023 regarding illegal occupation of Waqf Board land. After this, he was declared under the Gangster Act and confiscated in December 2023.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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