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4 months, 18 accused and 900 page charge sheet… What is happening in the UP STF investigation into constable recruitment paper leak?

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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UP STF files charge sheet in court in constable recruitment paper leak case.

The UP STF has filed the first charge sheet in the Uttar Pradesh police constable recruitment paper leak case. The Meerut unit of the UP STF has filed a 900-page charge sheet against 18 accused including mastermind Ravi Atri. Along with Ravi Atri and Rajeev Nayan Mishra, logistics company TCI Express employees Shivam Giri, Rohit Pandey, Abhishek Shukla and Delhi Police constable Vikram Pahl are also named in the STF’s charge sheet.

It was Constable Vikram Pahl who sold the paper by forcing candidates to stay together at the Nature Valley Resort in Gurgaon Manesar. The UP STF registered an FIR in this regard at the Kankar Kheda police station in Meerut. The names of Ravi Attri and Rajeev Nayan Mishra have also surfaced in the chargesheet in the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission RO/ARO (Reviewing Officer and Assistant Reviewing Officer) paper leak case. The STF is investigating the RO/ARO paper leak case separately. Sacked UP police constable Arun Singh is revealed to be the mastermind behind the paper leak case.

‘Edutest’ Company Blacklist

After the report of UP STF, the company ‘Edutest’, which conducts constable recruitment exam, has been blacklisted. Now this company will never be given the responsibility to conduct the exam in future. A Noida-based logistics company was awarded the contract by ‘Edutest’ itself to deliver the constable recruitment exam papers. The people of ‘Edutest’ inspected the warehouse of the transport company. At the behest of Rajiv Nayan Mishra, Shubham Mandal was called and the recruitment paper was taken out from the box kept in the warehouse.

Constable was recruited for 60 thousand posts.

UP Police Constable Recruitment 60 thousand vacancies were announced in the month of January this year. Almost a month later, the constable recruitment exam was held on February 17 and 18 at various centers in the state, but the exam was eclipsed when the copy mafia infiltrated it and the paper was leaked. There was anger among the candidates after the paper was leaked. Candidates said that police recruitment came after one-two years and there was a paper leak.

Constable Recruitment Paper Leaked Tar related to these states

Seeing the seriousness of the matter, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has canceled the paper and ordered an investigation. The investigation was handed over to the UP STF from the government level. When the UP STF started investigating the constable recruitment paper leak case, its links were linked to about six states one after the other. Especially the network of UP, Bihar and Haryana came to the fore. The Meerut unit of STF arrested six accused, Deepak alias Deep, Bittu, Praveen, Rohit alias Lalit, Sahil and Naveen on March 5, 2024 from Kankar Kheda Police Station area.

UP STF has arrested 18 accused

During their interrogation, it was revealed that a total of 1200 candidates were taught the paper at resorts in Gurugram in Haryana and Rewa in Madhya Pradesh. After this, the police arrested Mahendra, a resident of Jind, on March 12. After interrogating Mahendra, Abhishek Shukla, Rohit Pandey and Shivam Giri were arrested. After the arrest of Manesar Resort owner Satish Dhankar, it was revealed that constable recruitment papers were leaked by the Ravi Atri gang from the company’s warehouse in Ahmedabad. After this STF arrested 18 accused including Ravi Atri, Rajeev Nayan Mishra, Shubham Mandal.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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