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10 years ago water used to come in trains, how suddenly water level rose in Bhilwara; Leaky basement

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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How did the water level rise in Bhilwara?

Whenever Rajasthan is mentioned anywhere, a picture emerges of huge sand dunes and camels roaming on those dunes with their graceful gait. But it is also true that people in this desert state face difficulties for water in many places. But people of Bhilwara are facing difficulties due to excess water. Similar is the situation here in Bhilwara. Until a few years ago, the thirst of the people of Bhilwara was quenched only by water imported from trains.

In 2016, when Chambal water came to Bhilwara, besides quenching the thirst of the common man, the textile industry of Bhilwara also got relief. Chambal water has been supplied to Bhilwara since 2016. Due to continuous water recharge, the water level has now reached 10 to 15 feet in some areas of Bhilwara, due to which most of the basements built in Bhilwara district have started to drain automatically.

Water level has risen in Bhilwara district

Now people are worried about this problem and water motors are being permanently installed in most of the basements to remove the leaking water from the basement. Anil Kumar, District President, Industry Trade Cell, Bhilwara, said that since 2016, the water level in Bhilwara district has been continuously increasing due to the availability of Chambal water and water recharge.

Water is coming out of the ground

Due to this rise in the water level, the basements and houses of the complex started leaking water. People have permanently installed motors to drain water from the basement and some people have installed water harvesting systems in the basement itself, but still the water is constantly coming out of the ground. This has been reported to the administration several times but no permanent solution is forthcoming. Due to which many basements have been closed now.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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